Waynett Peters

CHIEF LADY WAYNETT PETERS is a Multi-Entrepreneur, Empowerment Speaker, Confidence Mentor, Positive Life Coach and a Humanitarian Ambassador whose ‘Riches to Rags to Grace’ story has inspired thousands around the UK, Africa, the Caribbean, the USA and wider world.

Naturally inclined to business and getting results, Lady Waynett entered the world of business very young and by her mid-twenties was already running numerous, successful businesses. Through a series of events that turned her world upside down and after the passing away of her mother, Lady Waynett lost it all. She soon found herself homeless and seeking friendship on London’s Camden streets. It was here whilst mentoring the alcoholics, drug addicts and rejected that she was to discover her greatest lessons about true wealth, success, love, happiness and her purpose in life.

The journey that took her from riches, rags to grace in an amazing testimony during which everything she ever lost was restored. Her story may read like a fairytale, but it was anything but and at times Lady Waynett did not think she would make it through the night. Slowly by God’s grace, she rebuilt her business, becoming CEO & Founder of Dappers and Divas Pampering Boutique, taking it from its humble beginnings to its success that it is today.

Today, Lady Waynett also runs empowerment workshops and reaches out to the homeless, mentally challenged, abused and the disadvantaged. Through her work she has helped countless individuals realise their self-worth, develop their skills and talents, and escape many shackles. Her community work has resulted in people being able to find jobs, start businesses, heal and gain confidence including finding a sense of self-worth for individuals embarking on a journey of purpose or that of personal growth.

In 2014 Lady Waynett founded (TEA) The Extraordinary Achievers as a TV Talk Show Host, a series where interviews share positive stories of unsung community heroes to inspire, motivate and encourage others. In 2015 Lady Waynett originated Loving Our Valued Elders (LOVE); an initiative to honour, appreciate and assist our elders in the community; an opportunity to be the elderly’ friends. In 2016 Lady Waynett initiated (ROC) Reclaiming Our Children Back from the Streets; a community-based program aimed at uniting and supporting parents whilst coordinating change champion programs with external parties, authorities, government bodies and youth organisations.

Lady Waynett is a Collaboration Management Business Analyst & IT Auditor by background who has worked at senior level positions with organisations such as Enron, KBR, Reuters, Mayor’s office, TfL, Police Enforcement Services and Metronet Rail. She is a woman who ‘can think on her feet’, ‘has a huge drive for results’ and is happy to share her enthusiasm for success with others. Lady Waynett’s ethos on life is that when you are ready to humbly serve humanity, when you are desperate enough for a miracle and put your faith in your creator; positive change comes into your life and this has helped anyone who hears her testimony to easily connect with her and find inspiration from her journey.

Chief Lady Waynett is well known for her unrelenting faith, think-big mentality, determination and gracefulness that has resulted in Lady Waynett receiving numerous awards, accolades and invitations to speak.

Her list includes:

  • Inspirational Entrepreneur & Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2014
  • International Women of Power Ambassador & Star Woman Changing Lives Award 2015
  • Humanitarian Acknowledgement Recognition in 2015 & 2016
  • Ambassador for Goodwill and Leadership Certificate 2016
  • Youth Empowerment Award 2016
  • Leadership Mind Ambassador 2016
  • Best Female Motivational Speaker 2016
  • Top 15 LMA Outstanding People 2016
  • Outstanding Business Entrepreneur & Female Achiever of the Year 2016
  • PGE Award of Excellence 2016
  • Distinguished Woman of Benevolence Award 2016
  • Hope Alive Mission Appreciation of Support against domestic violence Award 2016
  • UK Africa Diaspora Forum Ambassador: Making a Difference 2016
  • Performance & Excellence in Community Work and Nation Building 2017
  • In Appreciation of Benevolent ways towards the less privileged 2017
  • Inspirational Mother from Father2Father 2017
  • Ambassador Iroko Events & Charity 2017
  • Future Keys Mentor 2017
  • Humanitarian Ambassador for Igbokoda Kingdom of Ondo State 2017
  • Chief of The Igbokoda Kingdom (Yeye Bobaselu of Igbokoda) 2017
  • Social & Humanitarian Award (Lioness Award for Women) 2017
  • Women of Purpose Excellence Award 2017
  • Panache Global Entertainment Ambassador 2017
  • ASF Contribution to Safety & Security in our Community Award 2017
  • Matron Certificate of Recognition D-Blaze Entertainment African Music in the Diaspora 2017
  • ‘Making a Difference’ in the community UKA Goals 2017

Email: empower@extraordinaryachievers.com

Facebook: Waynett Peters (Chief Lady Waynett Peters)

Twitter: @WaynettLadyMill / Instagram: @Lady_Waynett_Peters

Mobile: 07962 397 453 / 0800 002 9220

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