Distribution of materials to orphans and senior citizens



Provide scholarships and grants for orphans and indigent students interested in furthering their studies


Vocational Training

Vocational Training Programs and Activities


Health Services

Provision of health care services to the less privileged.

Social Services

Create more effective organizations, build stronger communities, and promote equality and opportunity.


Female Child Trafficking

Together, we can protect the vulnerable.


Poverty Eradication

By promoting economic empowerment, we strive to end poverty in communities


Youth Sport Awareness

We have partnerships with various youth sports organisations

Human Rights Awareness Creation

Creating awareness for basic Human Rights


Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services.


The world hunger has become an increasingly large problem. Hunger can make a person not to focus on his or her studies, and worried parents cannot properly care for their children need if there is a severe shortage of nutritional sustenance.

Benin Republic, a third world small country on the west coast of Africa is no stranger to this epidemic. Several areas in Benin Republic have been brought to our attention by both local government and concerned citizens who are heartbroken to witness large scale poverty. There are many locations both within major West African cities, as well as much more rural villages where people go to bed hungry, without any hope for relief. We estimate that $1 USD can effectively feed one child for at least one full day. In our “Every One Dollar” campaign, we aim to use your dollars to purchase foodstuff at local wholesale markets in order to insure premium quality as well as stimulate the local economy.

Lydia Wilson Foundation being conscious of this fact has been doing a number of relief works since 2009, by giving out foods to the citizens of Benin Republic. On 11th of October, 2009, Lydia Wilson hosted an event in Cotonou to distribute foodstuff to help feed many people. Key areas were targeted for hands on distribution and we ensure that the provisions are disbursed well throughout a wider area and a large number of hungry people eat.

Part of our programme at Lydia Wilson Foundation which will integrate the human and natural resources from all regions with respect and balance in a positive and sustainable way are as follows:

Food Distribution

Purchase local basic staple food and distribute to key communities where there is much suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

Empowerment Programmes

Initiate and promote empowerment through vocational training program

Educational Scholarships & Grants

Provide scholarships and grants for orphans and indigent students interested in furthering their studies.


Initiate and support Agro-based industry programs for those interested in Agriculture.