Newsletter April 2022

As we started the year 2022, we had no idea that recovery from 2 years of COVID will be disrupted by an unprovoked war on Ukraine by Russia. This war has extended beyond the borders of both countries and the high rise in the cost of gas prices is creating untold hardship globally. We are fortunate to keep the Foundation going thanks to the support you provide as our partners.

Partnership, Football Tournament and Scholarship for Sixty (60) kids in Africa

Our partnership with Ambassadors football moved to a new height with our recently concluded plans to sponsor 60 kids in the first week in May 2022. They will be playing football in Lagos as a tournament, after the game, its our desire to sponsor the academics of these kids’ majority of whom are orphans.
Two local football clubs in the UK, Westdyke community FC of Westhill, Aberdeenshire & Mickleover FC of Derby have donated old football kits for use. In addition, Westdyke Community FC, also donated a cup for the tournament and 60 medals with the inscription of Westdyke Africa! This is truly a commendable step in terms of support.
The football tournament is scheduled for 2 May 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria. Additional support for this event would be appreciated.

Continued support for Widows, Widowers, Orphans

The foundation continues to support numerous widow(er)s and their children who are struggling. We now have 42 widow(er)s and 32 children (including orphans) that are direct beneficiaries of our financial support and business empowerment. Our desire is to reach out to more.

Bursary support for tertiary tuition fees

We now support 5 Nigerian university students, who approached us for help with their tuition fees. This is an avenue we wish to explore further to provide youth empowerment.

Local UK community support

In our local community, our support for food and basic amenities continued. We also made donations to relief materials for the people in Ukraine by partnering with parents of Repton preparatory School in Derby.


Finally, LWF would love to continue to do more in this area if we can grow funds for operation. All we have achieved and still hope to achieve is only possible with your continued financial support. Your donations make the following difference:
• £20 pays for 1 child’s school stationary for a term.
• £30 pays for 1 child’s school fees for 1 term
• £60 pays for a child’s uniform over the school year
• £80 pays for a child’s clothing essential for a year
• £150 provides emergency medical bills for pregnant women with no support and relief materials to many.
• £1200 can fund the entire annual funding needed for a child on our scholarship program

To make donations, please visit our website, Alternatively, if you wish to make a One-off payment or to set up a frequent donation please drop us an email at and we will respond with the bank account details.

Please help us share with your friends and families the good work we are doing. This is by far the easiest way to grow financial support for the foundation.

We wish you all a joyful Easter break and celebration while trusting God for an end to the war between

Ukraine and Russia.

With gratitude,

Lydia Balogun-Wilson
Lydia Wilson Foundation (LWF)

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